You’ve found your way to the Official Secrets of Sorcerers website. This is your official source for all the latest news and https://essaywritingservicehelp.co.uk/custom-writing-service/ event announcements need someone to write my paper for Secrets of Sorcerers. The series is created by Sara E. Mayhew, international writing papers for college award-winning mangaka and professional illustrator. Currently, Secrets of Sorcerers is available online and in print as a 160 page graphic novel.

In 2007, creator Sara E. Mayhew was awarded the Northern Arts grant by the Ontario Arts Council for her work on Secrets of Sorcerers. She was https://dissertationforme.com/ chosen to attend TED’09 in Long Beach, CA, as a TED Fellowship member. More information about Sara can be found at www.saramayhew.com .

Secrets of Sorcerers is a manga series geared towards readers of shoujo manga. Readers who enjoy series like Yuu Watase’s Fushigi Yuugi will find that Secrets of Sorcerers also mixes fantasy and romance with magic and action adventure. Secrets of Sorcerers follows the story of a girl named Kaori who obtains a magical bracelet that transports her to another world and another body while she sleeps. In this world, she becomes Lela, a powerful mage who was recently mysteriously killed. Kaori, as Lela, must set out on a quest…but can she live up to the legend of the talented woman her spirit now resides in?