The series is created by Sara E. Mayhew, international award-winning mangaka and professional illustrator. Currently, Secrets of Sorcerers is available online and in print as a 160 page graphic novel, published by Ztarr Manga Studio. In 2005, Mayhew received a prize of $5000 US from the International Manga & Anime Festival for her winning submission of Secrets of Sorcerers which was named ‘Best Comic’ in the category of material geared towards teens. That same year, Canada’s prestigeous Applied Arts magazine featured Sara in their ‘Young Blood’ article on “New talent commanding our attention”.

Since then, Sara has attended how to right a will various anime conventions; all of which are listed on her. In addition, she has writingessay traveled to several schools to speak about her successes in business and publishing, and has also taught a ‘Learn to Draw Manga’ course at the JSANO School of the Arts. Spring 2007, the Ontario Arts Council awarded Sara the Northern Arts grant to aid in the production of the Secrets of Sorcerers Vol. 2 graphic novel.