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New series by Secrets of Sorcerers mangaka

Sara E. Mayhew, creator of Secrets of Sorcerers and Love Pet, has a new manga series titled Legend of the Ztarr. “Legend of the Ztarr has been in the works for a long time” said Sara, “even before I began work on Secrets of Sorcerers, I had sketches and pieces of writing for Legend of the Ztarr”. The first chapter in the series is available online on the series’ official website

The series centers around a young violet-eyed forest girl named Adora Ztarr, who lives peacefully with her adopted family on a planet called Teri. Adora is the daughter of the great Kalen Ztarr who died in the battle to overthrow the Emperor of the Known Universe. There are those still loyal to the House of Ztarr who have chosen Adora to replace her father in a prophecy which foretells the demise of the Emperor.

Sara explained, “My plans are to put together a proposal for Legend of the Ztarr and pitch it to manga publishers, rather than go the indy route”. When it comes to Secrets of Sorcerers, which was printed as a 160pg graphic novel, Sara mentioned she felt that independently publishing it was the best choice at the time; “Back in 2005, I didn’t have a lot of confidence in the way manga not produced in Japan was being marketed here in North America” she explains, “But things have changed and there are options open that weren’t before in the industry. There are publishers that seem to be staying away from the ‘OEL’ label and presenting a business model for manga that more closely resembles the one used in Japan”.

The 24 year old mangaka also explained that she’s still working on Secrets of Sorcerers Vol. 2. New SoS chapters will be posted online, however, plans for a second printed volume are being held until a better distribution method for the series can be worked out, or until the series can be picked up by a publisher.

Special Thanks to The Highway Bookshop!

I’m thrilled and really overwhelmed at how well the Secrets of Sorcerers Vol. 1 graphic novels have been selling. My biggest thanks goes out to the Highway Bookshop, on highway 11 near Cobalt, where the most copies have been sold. I don’t have the exact numbers, but it looks like the shop has sold around 50 or more books. I recently took a trip to North Bay and dropped off 20 more copies, while on my way back here, to Kirkland Lake.

I’m fairly certain that we’ve now sold around 600+ copies of Secrets of Sorcerers. This is really good for an independant graphic novel, especially since we’ve only been able to handle distribution in Ontario. I can’t imagine how many we could sell if we actually had a distributor or, say, some sort of advertising campaign. My appreciation must also go out to all the other retailers that carry Secrets of Sorcerers; Chat Noir, in New Liskard, who also held a book signing for me; the Coles store, located in the Northgate mall, in North Bay, also held a book signing for me; There were also copies at the Chapters, in Sudbury, and I can’t forget about the Coles in the Timmins mall either.

I’ve received a lot of emails and feedback from both retailers and readers expressing anticipation for volume 2. I realize it’s been a while now since volume 1 came out and I assure you I’m working on getting volume 2 out. Thanks to everyone for reading!

-Sara E.M.

Back from Tokyo in Tulsa

Sara recently returned from the US anime convention, Tokyo in Tulsa. Read what she had to say about the trip over at her blog. She also posted an entry about the event on her Myspace page. If you have any footage or pictures of Sara from the event, feel free to pass them along to her at

One small update to the “Interact” section of this site: A link to the Ztarr Manga Studio Message Boards has been added. The boards have been up for a while, and were recently pruned and some sections rearranged. The forums were not in use prior to this due to a large amount of spambot abuse, which has now been delt with. A new section of the forum is “Ask Sara” where she has posted some answers to fan mail. Check out the message board here.