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Back from Tokyo in Tulsa

Sara recently returned from the US anime convention, Tokyo in Tulsa. Read what she had to say about the trip over at her blog. She also posted an entry about the event on her Myspace page. If you have any footage or pictures of Sara from the event, feel free to pass them along to her at

One small update to the “Interact” section of this site: A link to the Ztarr Manga Studio Message Boards has been added. The boards have been up for a while, and were recently pruned and some sections rearranged. The forums were not in use prior to this due to a large amount of spambot abuse, which has now been delt with. A new section of the forum is “Ask Sara” where she has posted some answers to fan mail. Check out the message board here.

Convention Schedule: Tokyo in Tulsa

Coming up this August 1st-3rd, Sara will be attending Tokyo in Tulsa. Here is a schedule of the panels she will be speaking at throughout the weekend. Check the Tokyo in Tulsa official site for more info and Sara’s guest bio.


  • Character Design, Panel Room C, 5:00PM
  • Writing Workshop: Improving your style, Panel Room C, 11:00AM
  • Manga Versus Comic Books, Panel Room C, 5:00PM
  • Writing Workshop: Effective Villians, Panel Room C, 10:00AM
  • Writing and Drawing Your Own Manga, Panel Room C, 11:00AM
Of course, Tokyo in Tulsa takes place August 1-3 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, at the Crowne Plaza. Copies of Secrets of Sorcerers Vol. 1 will be available at the special convention price of $10, which includes a free SoS full size poster (while they last!). There just might be a few more copies left of Love Pet, also created by Sara, available for purchase as well. See you there!

Tokyo in Tulsa 2008

SoS creator, Sara E. Mayhew, has been confirmed as a guest for Tokyo in Tulsa. The anime convention will take place August 1st-3rd, 2008, in Tulsa, Oklahoma. More information on event programming Sara will be involved in will be announced as the information is confirmed.

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There is also a entry on this event posted by Sara on her blog at